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Hi, I'm Jenna! I am a 22 year old college student who goes to Oregon State. I want to be dentist someday (well I'm actually applying to schools right now). I love CrossFit! Okay, that might be an understatment, I absolutely love CrossFit. I have been doing it for just under 6 months and I can't get enough!

I orginially made this blog as a weight loss blog. While I am still on that journey I am not longer focused on the number of the scale but more of just eating right, training hard and knowing that things will fall in to place.

SW 224
CW 188
GW When I'm happy, fit and healthy :)

Its going to be a long hard road but it will be worth it!



Bill Peet - Dumbo

if you don’t think Dumbo is the cutest Disney character, you are wrong

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oh god why u make me cry like this

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Live Action (at CrossFit Lakeland)


Live Action (at CrossFit Lakeland)

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The difference between tumblr and real life.


In real life, when people realise you have an obsession with something:


On tumblr, EVERYONE has an obsession. So we’re just like:


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PR on my 5 RM Back Squat

Todays was 

5-5-5-5-5 Back Squat 


The last set was hard but I push through it! Focusing on keeping me knees out as I was driving up on each rep. 

10# PR Hells yeah! 

WOD: all i can say it this was pretty evil 

5 rounds for time 

400 m run 

50 air squats 


Hot as hell outside today going to workout in the morning tomorrow! 

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can’t get enough of my before and afters…
-82 pounds :)


can’t get enough of my before and afters…

-82 pounds :)

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